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Android Developer at Agricx Lab

Agriculture sector despite contributing 14% of the GDP is in desperate need of innovations. Area considered to be in urgent need of disruption are supply chain and market linkage. A complex & fragmented supply chain, opaque price discovery process along with inadequate forward integration, has resulted in suboptimal quality, low price and high wastage of farm produce.

In a nutshell consumers are paying as much as 400% more than the price at which produce was sold at farm gate. We are going to change that.

We're using Artificial Intelligence to bridge the information gaps in the supply chain to supplement the way every stakeholder in the ecosystem conducts business today.

Job Description

At Agricxlab we are going to transform the way agriculture procurement specialist across country procure their requirements in the most efficient way with use of technology. Being a growth hacker you must be awesome in user-acquisition channels : content & Influencer marketing, social media, SEO, SEM and participating in forums and group discussions etc.

Skills Required

  • MBA, Digital Marketing
  • A great design sense is a must. As you will be handling all external communication along with how the brand is portrayed.
  • Good command of English language and decent writing skill.
  • You need to be organised, flexible and pleasant to work with. We are a group of fun-people and would love to have someone who can increase the happiness index.

Key Deliverables

  • Being an AI company, we believe in finding meaning hidden beneath layers of data. We expect you to be able to analyse everything for effective decision.
  • Experience in a fast-paced startup is an advantage. We are a fast-paced startup and will need your skills to take it to the next level. We believe in test fast, fail fast and pivot fast to find the optimum strategy for all groups.
  • We believe in letting your work speak. And for that to happen you must have 3+ years of work exp.
  • Would be great if you have been tutored by a great marketing wizard either at school or in the workplace.


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