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Android Developer at Agricx Lab

Agriculture sector despite contributing 14% of the GDP is in desperate need of innovations. Area considered to be in urgent need of disruption are supply chain and market linkage. A complex & fragmented supply chain, opaque price discovery process along with inadequate forward integration, has resulted in suboptimal quality, low price and high wastage of farm produce.

In a nutshell consumers are paying as much as 400% more than the price at which produce was sold at farm gate. We are going to change that.

We're using Artificial Intelligence to bridge the information gaps in the supply chain to supplement the way every stakeholder in the ecosystem conducts business today.

Job Description

Agricx automates produce procurement decision via quick, accurate, portable, and easy to use a quality assessment tool that takes the subjectivity out of quality assessment and makes every transaction smoother and loss-less. Agricx currently offers a solution to warehouses and enterprise clients with a plan to expand across the food produce supply chain. This Position is responsible for sales and marketing performance in India.

We are looking for a charismatic leader who leads our sales and marketing team to the next level of growth challenges. CSO will be responsible for defining, executing and owning the strategy required to deliver revenue goals for Agricx in India. The role requires you to work with CEO to set strategic objectives and maintain our growth and market share by driving new account acquisition,activation, account management, sales, and marketing strategy.

Skills Required

  • Masters In Business Administration
  • Detail-oriented, Goal-oriented, task-driven
  • Excellent Communication Skills with proven ability to train and motivate the team with a background in analytical approach in business development.
  • Designs efficient systems, seeks productivity

Key Deliverables

  • To be an integral part and driver of the strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting of business requirements and decision-making process. Provide leadership, inspiration, mentorship, and guidance to members of sales and marketing team.
  • Establish key relationships cross-functionally to identify and attack large complex opportunities. Establish strong relationships with key external stakeholders to accelerate and scale the sales opportunities.
  • Deliver against assigned sales, receivables targets for the region. Personally, responsible for team building actions.


INR 20L – INR 25L

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